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About Us

ATC Work Smart empowering communities through engagement, inspiration, and development

Since November 1987, ATC Work Smart has been pivotal in transforming lives through skill development and employment support. As a non-profit community organization, we continuously adapt to meet community and industry needs. Our journey began with expanding apprenticeship opportunities in Albany, Western Australia, and has since expanded to serve the Great Southern, Southwest, Midwest, and Metropolitan Perth regions.

Group Training: Engaging Excellence and Fostering Development

Our Group Training service connects apprentices/trainees with host employers, promoting active learning. Strategic placements encourage engagement, skill development, and a culture of continuous learning, benefiting both parties. This helps businesses tap into fresh potential while apprentices gain valuable experience for career success.

Labour Hire: Engaging and Developing the Workforce

Engagement and development are central to our Labour Hire service. By offering a flexible labour solution, we collaborate with small businesses, providing them with the workforce required for success. This service optimises operations and simplifies employment challenges, allowing businesses to concentrate on their objectives.

Training Excellence: Nurturing Development and Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Our excellent training service, as a Registered Training Organisation, offers nationally accredited courses across various fields. We customize training to fit your company's needs, following industry standards. Our tailored approach reflects our commitment to ongoing vocational education and training. We encourage growth by sharing knowledge and skills, supporting personal and professional development. 

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