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About Us

ATC Work Smart empowering communities through engagement, inspiration, and development

Since its establishment in November 1987, ATC Work Smart has played a pivotal role in facilitating transformation, committed to improving lives through skill development and employment support. As an incorporated not-for-profit community-based organisation, we have consistently adapted to address the requirements of our community and industries. Our journey commenced with the objective of expanding apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for the youth of Albany, Western Australia. Today, our influence extends well beyond, encompassing the Great Southern, Southwest, Midwest, and Metropolitan Perth regions.

Group Training: Engaging Excellence and Fostering Development

Our Group Training service represents our dedication to engagement and development. By connecting aspiring apprentices and trainees with host employers, we create an active learning environment. Through strategic placements, we facilitate engagement from both sides, fostering skill development and encouraging a culture of continuous learning. This engagement not only benefits the apprentices and trainees but also enables businesses to evolve by utilising fresh potential. As apprentices excel in diverse workplaces, they gain valuable experience, motivating them to achieve greater success in their careers.

Labour Hire: Engaging and Developing the Workforce

Engagement and development are central to our Labour Hire service. By offering a flexible labour solution, we collaborate with small businesses, providing them with the workforce required for success. This service optimises operations and simplifies employment challenges, allowing businesses to concentrate on their objectives.

Training Excellence: Nurturing Development and Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Our commitment to development is evident in our excellent training service. As a Registered Training Organization, we involve learners in nationally accredited courses that cover various fields. We stimulate progress by imparting knowledge and skills, fostering individuals' personal and professional advancement. Our tailored training for healthcare professionals reflects our dedication to specialised development, empowering those who care for others with essential expertise.

Unwavering Commitment to a Brighter Future

The core of ATC Work Smart is our commitment to engagement, inspiration, and development. These principles are not just words; they drive our organisation's purpose. Our dedication to these values motivates us to contribute to industries, communities, and individuals. Guided by a dedicated team and a voluntary Board of Management, our commitment extends beyond financial success, Aiming for a future where excellence and empowerment are central. Join us in shaping the skilled workforce of tomorrow as we pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future

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