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SIT20322 Certificate II in Hospitality Traineeship

Certificate II in Hospitality

Kick start your career learning the skills and knowledge required to begin your journey into the hospitality industry.
Discover how to interact with customers, providing accommodation, food and beverage services.

SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality Traineeship

Certificate III in Hospitality

The training prepares you to work in various hospitality settings such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops.
You will gain confidence and take on some responsibility for others, provide technical advice and support to a team. 

​Occupations are available in a variety of industry sectors such as food and beverage, accomodation, event and entertainment venues, tourism and travel.

Opportunities include:

  • Food, beverage, bar, gaming attendant

  • Catering assistant

  • Front office assistant

  • Restaurant host

  • Hotel Receptionist

Skilled and experienced hospitality workers are in high demand

and there are a wide range of jobs available.

Why study with us?

Our highly skilled trainers will support you through your training. You will have a dedicated mentor you can contact for support and guidance.

The program is self paced with training being in a workplace delivery environment or other flexible learning environment.


Student Support Services

We have identified a number of support services for students who have special needs, or require additional support and assistance to undertake or complete their learning. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your enrolment officer or trainer assessor.


  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen with an eligible work visa. International students and citizens are not eligible to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship under the Australian Government's apprenticeship program.

  • Both qualifications are available as a school-based traineeship or traineeship.

  • School-based traineeships can be started in Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12. The program is usually 1 day at work and 4 days at school.

  • There are no formal entry requirements, however, to study this qualification with ATC Work Smart you will need a good understanding of written, verbal and spoken English. Prior to enrolment students LLN levels will be assessed  to determine suitability

  • Course durations – usually 12 to 18 months


Fees for this traineeship will be paid on your behalf by your employer.

​Information for employers:-

  • Secondary school students are exempt from course and resource fees if they are enrolled at school, as defined in the School Education Act 1999; and are undertaking a VET course.

  • SIT20322 total fees - concession rate $195.36, non-concession rate $659.34

  • SIT30622 total fees - concession rate $233.76, non-concession rate $788.94

“The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees”

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