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GTO Wage Subsidy

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What is the GTO Wage Subsidy

The Group Training Orgainisation Wage Subsidy (GWS) has been introduced in response to a State Government election commitment, to assist small to medium sized businesses in the building and construction industry and support the continued growth of Western Australia’s skilled workforce.

How it works

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The wage subsidy is only available through a Group Training Organisation (GTO) like ATC Work Smart, giving small to medium sized businesses the benefits of having an apprentice or trainee without being the actual employer. Places are limited but the GWS is expected to assist businesses by providing access to approximately 300 apprentices and trainees employed through GTOs.  


ATC Work Smart work on your behalf by becoming the legal employer and taking care of HR, recruitment, payroll and training management, so you can just get on with running your business.

As the Host Employer you will approve a fortnightly time sheet and be responsible for supervising the work-based skills development, providing a safe working environment and releasing the Apprentice or Trainee from work duties so they can participate in off the job training if required. For more information download the FAQ Fact Sheet.

Our team are different from the rest by providing regular visits to your workplace and ongoing guidance.

What does the GWS cover?

The GTO Wage Subsidy provides up to $134,625* (for the duration of a four-year apprenticeship), to cover the average estimated base wage of apprentices and trainees in the building and construction industry. The table below provides an overview of the annual wage subsidy amounts available.

*Subject to eligibility

Build a loyal trained workforce

Future proof your business with an apprentice or trainee, it is a cost effective way to reduce risk and build a loyal trained workforce. You will be supported by the ATC Work Smart team who have over 35 years experience in the industry.


  • People are trained in your business, your way

  • ATC Work Smart will support you to attract and retain high quality staff

  • Apprentices and trainees can be full time or part time

  • The training program will be individualised and customised to your business needs

The benefits of using ATC Work Smart

  • We take care of recruitment, interviewing, screening and shortlisting candidates, you make the final selection.

  • We are the legal employer and are responsible for all employment, payroll and training related requirements.

  • We have the capacity to rotate apprentices through several host employers benefiting small and medium sized businesses who may be unable to commit to the full period or full range of training required.

  • With us, apprentices and trainees can be employed in any occupation.

  • We monitor the placement to make sure everything goes smoothly, you also have a dedicated Industry Consultant for support and guidance, who will make regular visits to your workplace.

If you would like to take advantage of this goverment initiative, by hosting an Apprentice or Trainee with ATC Work Smart complete the contact form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you.

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