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Applicants in the waiting room

Labour Hire

Solve your immediate workforce needs

We take responsibility for directly employing the worker with the most appropriate skills to solve your immediate workforce needs. You control the worker’s daily duties.

We treat all of our temporary and casual staff as valued employees and as a result we have a team of loyal and committed workers to choose from, giving you the benefit of a better performing workforce.

Because we’re the employer and you’re the ‘host’ the only paperwork you see is a time sheet and an invoice, taking away the many hours you would normally spend calculating and paying wages, superannuation contributions, workers compensation, public liability insurance and PAYE taxes etc.

You only pay for the hours worked by authorising the employee prepared time sheets, then we pay the employee direct to their bank account. We keep in touch and seek feedback to maximise our ability to provide you with the best possible service.

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