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Hosting an Apprentice or Trainee

Hosting is a cost effective way to reduce risk and build a loyal trained workforce. Get that extra staff member to help your business grow.


The core of ATC Work Smart is our commitment to engaging, inspiring, and developing tomorrow's leading workforce. These are not empty words; they drive our organisation forward. Our dedication to these values motivates us to contribute to industries, communities, and individuals. Guided by a dedicated team and a voluntary Board of Management, our commitment extends beyond financial success, with a goal for a future where excellence and empowerment thrive. Join us in shaping the skilled workforce of tomorrow, as we work towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

We service the Great Southern, Southwest, Mid West, and Perth Metropolitan regions.

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We engage our employees, and clients by providing them with the tools for success. We encourage growth through teamwork and honesty.

We inspire our employees and clients by being role models who lead and advocate on their behalf. We are enthusiastic about what we do.

We develop our employees and our clients businesses by offering training and mentoring throughout the employment journey.

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